Youth Program

Prior to the foundation of the NYCAASC Youth Program (formerly known as the High School Liaison Program) in 2012, the majority of NYCAASC organizers and attendees were college students. This program was created by NYCAASC executive board members to educate high school students on issues regarding Asian-Americana and encourage them to participate in the planning process of the conference. This program runs for 6-8 weeks in the Spring and culminates in an exhibition or a workshop at the main conference.

If you have any questions regarding this year’s coursework, please feel free to contact Lisa at!

Digital Humanities 101

The theme of this year’s NYCAASC Youth Program is Asian American Digital Humanities 101. The objective of this course is for participants to interrogate their histories as Asian/Asian Americans through the lens of various technologies they interact with daily. How are Asians racialized in the United States? How does that racialization correspond with the development of both digital and non-digital technology? How can we use these tools to empower our communities weakened under various systems of oppression? In addition to addressing all these questions, this program will develop the participant’s skills in facilitation, research, and project management.

Asian American Identity Video Series

As part of their culminating project, our HSLs produced a video series following a day in their lives. Their short vignette style clips tangle with questions of what an “Asian American” life can look like from their various intersecting identities as students, as New Yorkers, as community members, and more. This was presented at the NYCAASC conference in an interactive art gallery and at the Charles B. Wang Teen Resource Center Open Mic in May 2017.